Majestic, Mossy Oaks

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Many say, if trees could talk, imagine the stories the Southern Live Oaks could tell. These majestic trees are considered an emblem of the south because they flourish along the coastal plains where the first settlers lived. Their natural beauty is in their wide stretching branches draped with Spanish Moss. The 40-80 foot tall trees provide the perfect place for climbing, book reading or picnicking. Known as the state tree of Georgia, Live Oaks thrive in coastal soils. The term live refers to the fact the evergreen oaks do not go into dormancy in the winter months as with other oak varieties but instead stay green. They shed their leaves once a year but only after new leaves have formed. The leather-like leaves are tough and resistant to salt spray and the roots of the tree can withstand storm surge. Its wood is ideal for shipbuilding because it is so strong and heavy.

The graceful trees are a welcome addition to the sometimes oppressive southern heat as they provide great shade with limbs that can stretch up to 120 feet wide. Surprisingly, the hardy trees can live for several hundred years. The wide stretching canopy provides shelter to various birds, reptiles and mammals. Without their ecosystems, most maritime forests would not exist. The silver-grey moss that hangs on the branches creates a haunting look at night while filtering sunshine in the day, setting the trees aglow.  

Visitors coming to the coastal areas of the south are awe struck by these magnificent trees that have been featured in films such as Forrest Gump, filmed in Beaufort, SC.  Seeing them up close is part of the experience of southern living. No Lowcountry tour would be complete without a stop to see the Live Oaks. A coastal tree tour will acquaint you with some Lowcountry oaks with well-known history, scattered around the coastal empire and only a short drive from Hilton Head Island.


CANDLER OAK on Drayton and E. Gaston St.  Savannah, Ga  is thought to be one of the oldest living landmarks in the area.

 ANGEL OAK, 3688 Angel Oak Rd. John’s Island is located just outside Charleston, SC. It is rumored to be 1500 years old.

MIDDLETON  located northwest of Charleston at Middleton Place is part of one of the oldest gardens in the country,

WORMSLOE historic site in Isle of Hope is home to an avenue of oaks. The state run park is picturesque and rich in history.

AVENUE OF OAKS 100 Retreat Avenue at Sea Island Golf Club in St. Simons Island was the longtime entrance to Retreat Plantation filled with flower gardens and long known for its production of sea island cotton.

DRIFTWOOD BEACH & LIVE OAK GROVES located on Jekyll Island, Ga. requires a $6 park fee but gives visitors a peek at the undeveloped live oak groves.

COLLETON RIVER PLANTATION in Bluffton, SC. is a private golf community known for its’ 4- mile scenic drive through tidal creeks and street lined live oaks.

OLDFIELD in Okatie, SC is a community set along the banks of the Okatie River under a canopy of live oaks.

Southern Eats

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The south is known for its friendly accents, laid-back people, humid temperatures and feel good food. Incorporating food into a Hilton Head vacation is part of the Lowcountry experience. Southern food is just as much about the people as it is the recipes. The food culture dates back to agriculture, slavery and multicultural regions which have shaped what people now describe as comfort food.  To truly enjoy southern cuisine, one must put aside the fixation on calories and turn their focus to taste and gratification.

Generally, southern food takes on its own flair depending on who is stirring the pot. A universal southern dish often begins in a skillet. Bacon lovers will rejoice because there is no other location on the planet that bacon finds its way into more entrees, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts; and yes, even adult beverages! Here are a dozen favorite local dishes to try while here in the Lowcountry:

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8 Creative Pool & Beach Games to Keep the Kids Busy for Hours

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Vacation Goals: Keep the kids active, happy, entertained, and (most importantly) tired out by sundown. The suits are on, the sunscreen’s rubbed in, and you’re parked in your beach chair. Having a go-to list of game ideas for the munchkins means you get to relax longer and with minimal distractions. We’ve got the ideas; you just worry about finishing that book that’s been on your nightstand for a month.

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2017 RBC Heritage presented by Boeing

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“Get Your Plaid On” April 10-16 for Hilton Head’s legendary golf tournament!

By Blanche T. Sullivan, Contributor

Hilton Head Island has a well-established reputation as a premier vacation destination, but did you know that it was a golf tournament that helped to secure the tropical hotspot’s place on the world map nearly 50 years ago?

The late Charles Fraser, considered by many to be the pioneer of Hilton Head, was a passionate visionary and entrepreneur who believed that hosting a prestigious golf tournament with golf icons would spotlight the island’s beauty and garner positive attention regarding its unrivaled offerings. Fraser’s plan was to have the initial Heritage golf tournament take place Nov. 27-30, 1969, during Thanksgiving weekend, on the island’s newly created Harbour Town Golf Links.

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

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Your Guide to Hilton Head Island’s Diverse Wildlife


Hilton Head Island was recently voted #1 Island in the Continental U.S. by Travel & Leisure magazine – with over 12 miles of sunny beaches, hundreds of fantastic restaurants and bars, and picturesque landscapes. The lowcountry is also home to an abundance of wildlife – from the iconic American alligator, to the elegant Great Egret. A trip to Hilton Head is the perfect time to enjoy nature, and spot some beautiful animals in their natural habitats. Here you’ll find details about the local critters, where to go for the best views, and a fun checklist for the whole family to keep track of what you’ve seen!

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Lowcountry Day Tripping

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Low Country Day Tripping

By Erin Laytham Lentz

If you’re lucky enough to be spending your vacation nestled on Hilton Head Island, you will be equally enticed by some of the day trips that await in and around the region called the Low Country. There are points of interest that will enthrall any traveler’s recreational pursuits, from shopping, boating, dining, exploring and the arts. The Low Country locations of the south have a certain way of charming its’ visitors with its emblematic characteristics like the signature live oaks with Spanish Moss, sweet tea, barbecue, shrimp & grits, grand architecture and rich history. Many of these popular destinations are strongly influenced by Gullah traditions including storytelling, cuisine, crafts, farming and fishing traditions. The Gullah early ancestors were brought to the SC & Georgia Low Country through the ports of Charleston and Savannah as slaves. Here are some of the local and visitor favorites:

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Let’s Get Thrifty!

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Your Guide to a Successful Day of Thrifting on Hilton Head Island


Hilton Head has plenty of boutique shopping and the amazing Tanger Outlets right over the bridge in Bluffton, but the HHI locals know that we also have some incredible thrift stores…and everyone loves a good bargain, right? We’ve got the details you need to save a little green and have some fun at these thrifty spots. Complete with the most convenient route and some delicious lunch spots to check out along the way!

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Home Of The Loggerhead Sea Turtle

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What an amazing place we live! We have beautiful beaches where sea turtles nest and begin life every year from May to October.

There are seven kinds of sea turtles in the world, loggerheads are the species we predominantly see on Hilton Head Island. Loggerhead sea turtles are reptiles weighing upwards of 350 pounds. Females slowly crawl up our beaches to nest, burying on average 120 eggs in the hopes that at least one will live and be the next generation. It takes an average of 60 days for the eggs to incubate in the nest. Temperature will determine how many males and females are in the nest. The hotter temperatures produce females and cooler temperatures males. Female sea turtles will nest 4-6 times in a season, coming ashore every two weeks with a new clutch of eggs to deposit in the sand. One in 100 hatchlings will make it through the first three days. One in over 1,000 will make it to be a reproductive adult at 25 years of age. The odds are against them and all sea turtles are threatened or endangered. That is why Hilton Head Island takes so many measures to help protect the sea turtles that visit our beach. Read More

A Word From Our Lifeguards

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Memorial Day is near, and our 13.5 miles of beautiful beaches will soon be full of beachgoers.  Shore Beach Service is the Beach Patrol for Hilton Head Island.   Our staff will soon swell to over 80 lifeguards.  Some are local, but most from across the country and around the world.

Below are a few safety tips that all beachgoers should follow to make a day on the beach safer and more enjoyable.

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